Hello All,

The weather here is amazing.  I don't think I have seen a better spring since we moved to the mountains.  It has inspired gardens to get underway, horseback riding to start and the hiking is in full tilt.  Spring Fever is definately here and staying inside is almost impossible.  However, we are on duty on Main Street manning the doors.  

On the street...

Frog's Leap on Church Street is due to open June 1st.

Herron House has new Ownership and a great new menu so you need to stop by and check it out.  They are serving lunch and the menu looks great.

The new Thai restaurant is now open.  Still waiting to hear the reviews.

Scott and Heather's Personal Note...

We are getting a puppy May 21st and although we have not laid eyes on her have named her "Gabby".  She is a Weimaraner (like Hailey was) whom we will pick up in Alabama.  Scott and I are very excited to get her.  Puppy breath is always inspiring.

All the news for today 


Quoting John Muir "The Mountains are calling and I must go".